Bradley Plaxen is a game developer with a deep passion for storytelling and an integrated skill-set of writing, coding, narrative design, and production.

Born in the suburbs of Baltimore Maryland, Bradley has always had a split interest in the arts and sciences. From the time he was in middle school, he remembers running home from theater rehearsals to get started on new programming projects. These interests became his studies when he went to Carnegie Mellon University to earn his BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a minor in Creative Writing.

He continued at CMU in their Entertainment Technology Center, earning his Master’s degree with a concentration in interactive storytelling, before moving to New York City where he turned his studies into his career.

Today, Bradley works as a Narrative Designer for the AAA studio People Can Fly developing a new unannounced action-adventure game after the successful release of Outriders (April 2021).

He loves performing comedy, going to concerts, and desperately searching for the best ice cream in the city. If you would like to learn more about him, please reach out with the following information:

Bradplax@gmail.com · 443.534.5557

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