Bradley Plaxen has managed teams and budgets of varying sizes. These roles have given him a wide range of experiences to reflect upon when faced with new challenges. He has done production work on video games and plays, with experience running multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns totaling $186,623.

Video Games

Defiant Studios
In his role at Defiant Studios, Bradley maintained the primary production channel with narrative outsourcing partners on the AAA sequel to Lords of the Fallen. These included the cinematics team, motion capture studio, and voice over agency. He ensured timelines and asset management were consistent between external and internal teams, removing blockers as they arose throughout development. Additionally, he supported the lead producer with managing JIRA tasks and Agile sprints within the studio itself.

The Presence Project
Currently, Bradley serves as creative director of the Presence Project, an international consortium of universities researching 3rd-person narrative games in virtual reality. In this role, he remotely manages multiple teams of student developers in the creation of exploratory prototypes within the constraints of academic schedules and budgets. He works with professors to scope projects appropriate for the teams and set deadlines to ensure final delivery.

To date, the Presence Project has produced three prototypes including One of the Family, and Bradley is collaborating with the board to secure further funding for 2020 and beyond.

Universities affiliated with the Presence Project

Project Axon
While earning his Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, Bradley produced many class projects. In 2017, he was lead producer on the VR crowd-gaming experience, Project Axon, which debuted at the Games for Change festival that summer. He ran sprints, scrums, tasking, and external relations for the six member team from ideation through presentation.


Bradley has over seven years of experience producing plays and musicals for independent theatre and within larger organizations of various budgets.

“The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends”
In 2017, Bradley assisted logistics and production management on the new musical The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends. He joined the team for their staging at MCL Chicago’s Premier Premiere festival, where it won first place. He managed the process of moving actors, set-pieces, and band members from Pittsburgh to Chicago, coordinating needs with liaisons from the venue.

An original musical Bradley wrote with composer Alex Petti, Guts was independently produced after a successful crowd-funding campaign raised the capital for a weekend run in 2015. The show sold out every 250-person house and received high praise, despite the limited budget and means. One reviewer described it as, “accomplishing amazing things… considering the constraints it works in.” (Link)

Scotch’n’Soda Theatre
At Carnegie Mellon University, Bradley served as a member of the Board of Directors of Scotch’n’Soda Theatre. In this capacity, he oversaw a yearly budget of more than $80,000 which included five full productions, two sketch comedy shows, weekly improv shows, and regular special events such as cabarets and guest performances.


Bradley has participated in the implementation of four crowdfunding campaigns, each one successfully surpassing its initial funding goals before the deadline. He has written copy, devised marketing-outreach strategies, and produced promotional material in these efforts.

Project NameProject
Wireless 3D Audio Headphones
The Originals Brand New AlbumMusic
The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends
goes to Premier Premieres!
Get bitten! “Guts”,
a new student-written musical

Management Skills

  • JIRA, Confluence, & Trello
  • Agile Sprint Development
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
  • Waterfall Development
  • Google Spreadsheets & Microsoft Excel
  • Budgeting

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