Bradley Plaxen has been writing for the stage, screen, and game controller for over a decade, most recently in the world of AAA gaming on the game Outriders which released April 2021 where he contributed to the ambient storytelling that filled the non-combat spaces of the planet Enoch.

At Carnegie Mellon University, he received a minor in Creative Writing with a focus on dramatic writing and went on to concentrate in interactive narrative during his Master’s education.

Kognito Health Simulations

As a full-time Associate Writer for Kognito Health Solutions, Bradley wrote branching narrative games designed to teach conversational skills. Kognito products are primarily built around dialogue trees, which means a single conversation script could be anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000 words. Because of the educational purpose of these games, Bradley collaborated with subject matter experts in psychology, healthcare, and education to create stories and characters that were authentic, entertaining, and didactic.

Bradley’s writing covered topics such as cancer survivorship, veteran care, and suicide post-vention.

“One of the Family”

As the lead designer for Presence Interactive, Bradley developed the story and script for the 8 minute VR game One of the Family. With 32 different pathways leading to 10 different endings, One of the Family takes players into the world of New York City in the 1930’s, where two thieves are on the lam after a bank heist gone bad.

Trailer for One of the Family (2016)

One of the Family was nominated at the Intel University Games Showcase and honored as a featured booth at the CHI conference in 2017.


Bradley has been writing for the stage since 2009, with his first full-length production Duplex being performed at Carnegie Mellon University in 2013. Since then, he has completed a wide range of performed pieces from musical dramas to dark comedies, such as Guts and Bang Bang Banality.

To request a writing sample, please reach out via email at Bradplax@gmail.com

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