About Me

Leveraging a decade of narrative design and computer programming experience, I combine a passion for interactive storytelling with the technical knowledge to bring these ideas to life inside rich game worlds.

Born in the suburbs of Baltimore Maryland, I have always had a split interest in the arts and sciences. From the time I was in middle school, I remember running home from theater rehearsals to get started on new programming projects in Flash Animation. These interests became my studies when I went to Carnegie Mellon University to earn my BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Creative Writing.

I continued at CMU in their Entertainment Technology Center, earning a Master’s degree with a concentration in interactive storytelling, before moving to New York City where I turned my academic work into a career.

While presenting graduate work at the Games for Change conference, I met developers from the educational gaming studio Kognito who eventually hired me on as an associate writer.

Seeking out new challenges in the world of traditional console gaming, I joined the upstart team at Defiant Studios working on a sequel to Lords of the Fallen as a narrative designer.

Today, I work as a narrative level designer for the AAA studio People Can Fly developing a new unannounced action-adventure game after the successful release of Outriders (April 2021).

In addition to my role as a full-time developer, I teach college-level game design courses as an adjunct professor at the Pratt Institute, where I get the opportunity to pass along design and engine skills to the next generation of game-makers.

I love performing comedy, going to concerts, and doing blind taste tests to determine the best peanut butter once and for all. If you would like to contact me about potential opportunities, please reach out with the following contact information:

Bradplax@gmail.com · 443.534.5557