Presence Interactive

What started out as an academic project during my master’s degree, Presence Interactive turned into a wider-reaching investigation into narrative VR that spanned several institutions far beyond the confines of Carnegie Mellon University.

From the initial funding pitch, my role was as Lead Designer and director on a short game project called One of the Family (2018). Managing an expanded team of over 20 individual contributors, I owned the entire gameplay vision as well as writing, acting, motion capture, and VO pipeline for bringing the story to life.


Release: Spring 2018
Platform: HTC Vive
Engine: Unity3D
Recognition: Intel University Games Showcase Nominee; CHI 2018 Demos Feature

After gaining public recognition through multiple conferences, the core team and I formed an LLC which allowed us to partner with Kristiania University College and Nord University to continue exploring how interactive storytelling could be expressed in VR.

The project concluded in 2019 after the leadership and I decided to refocus our efforts elsewhere and pursue other opportunities.