Defiant Studios

Defiant Studios

December 2018 – Present

Defiant Studios is a New York City studio developing AAA games for audiences around the world. Most recently, I contributed to the development of the sequel to Lords of the Fallen.

In my current role, I split my time between narrative design and production responsibilities.

Narrative Design

As a narrative designer, I engage with all aspects of how story gets expressed in our games- dialogue, environmental storytelling, character design, and more. I collaborate with team members from every department to ensure that all narrative decisions fit within their designs and time budgets.

In addition to the creative work of developing story, I implement many of the more technical elements of integrating story and text within our games, including localization and accessibility.

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Associate Project Management

Because my role as narrative designer places me so close to cut-scenes, I manage our relationship with many of our outsourcing partners. These include motion capture, casting, voice-over recording, and cinematic animation.

Furthermore, as our team has grown, I have taken on responsibilities within our internal task-management pipeline which uses a combination of agile frameworks such as scrum and kanban.